MHC Peace of Mind

Focusing on  Autism

MHC Peace of Mind

Mental Healthcare Filling in the Gaps

MHC Peace of Mind

Focusing on  Learning Disabilities

MHC Peace of Mind

We Nurture  A Positive Environment

MHC Peace of Mind

MHC Care is in our DNA

MHC Peace of Mind
We are a family company that has been involved in providing care for almost fifty years

We understand care

We understand the people for whom we provide care. MHC is driven by the individual needs of our residents and our patients. To achieve the best level of care, it is essential that one cares for ones staff. We delight in finding talented people and enabling them.

Individual choice, respect, dignity, integrity, honesty and trust are core values that are key to our success.

Our Code of Practice guides everything we do

It outlines our lifetime commitment to our residents, their families and our carers explaining simply, how we at MHC go about delivering a quality of care that provides complete
peace of mind.

Code of Practice